Established 1988,

                                               the LAB CRAFT COMPANY has                                        provided laboratories,                                                    hospitals, and institutions as                                        a premier industrial                                                      furniture supplier. Throughout our history, we have gone through great lengths to seek out the most talented manufacturing facilities all over the country to assist us on our never ending goal of providing industrial furniture and medical equipment to our ever growing list of clients.


Over the years, our customers have come to expect the highest quality of workmanship in the products that we provide for lab, medical, and other related institutions. Our goal is a legacy of good stewardship and options as you shop from laboratory furniture manufacturers. As medical equipment suppliers, we value the opportunity to supply you with ductless fume hoods and other related supplies every chance we receive. We understand the space limitations and are confident that our designs are the space efficient and cost effective solutions that you have been looking for. LAB CRAFT COMPANY resolves space shortages by integrating storage capability with ergonomics in the design of our products.

LAB CRAFT COMPANY provides laboratories, military medical facilities and more with cutting edge equipment furniture required to conduct the day to day procedures in your facility. Common products we sell include ductless fume hoods, autopsy tables, and vibration isolation tables. Lab Casework in metal, stainless steel, wood, laminate and Polypropylene.


Our specialized work stations, furniture, and carts provide self contained, versatile support for your equipment needs. Originally designed for Liquid Scintillation Counters and Bench Top Centrifuges, this concept has been expanded to include other types of laboratory equipment.

Institutions include industry specific facilities, such as hospitals, schools, military, industrial and research laboratories. LAB CRAFT COMPANY’s product catalog includes several furniture suppliers with options for designing a custom solution to fit your particular requirements. We sell industrial grade equipment furniture schools, federal and state departments including military facilities. 

Factories and other industrial facilities require specialized furniture to operate at an optimal level. We help industrial facilities all over the country explore their options for industrial furniture. Industrial equipment is designed for the specific industry, LAB CRAFT COMPANY builds custom built solutions. We will discuss your needs, then design a customized industrial work station that is perfect for your facility. All our industrial work stations have a large surface area and they are robust, ensuring you accomplish all your work without fear of breaking the product.

LAB CRAFT COMPANY sells professionally crafted industrial equipment for a variety of applications. Common features of some of our products include:

    •    Fully welded frames                                               •    Minimal to no assembly required

    •    Flexible and modular design                                 •    Maximizes available space

    •    Products made from metal, stainless steel, wood and laminate


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