LAB Craft Company


                                                                                                Founded to design and sell laboratory equipment to any companies that regularly work                                                                                                       with heavy equipment or toxic chemicals that have specific handling requirements. We sell custom built work stations and laboratory furniture, to industry specific equipment like ductless fume hoods and vibration isolation tables. Depending on your location, our distributors will even assist you in installing your new equipment.


Hospitals, morgues, and other related medical facilities, the proper equipment to complete operations is necessary. Clients that are interested in purchasing medical laboratory equipment can find the work stations that address their specific needs: custom built work stations and medical laboratory furniture and autopsy tables. LAB CRAFT COMPANY sells sturdy operating tables, gurneys, and storage cabinets. LAB CRAFT COMPANY has large tables, desks, storage solutions and other furnishing solutions that are designed to address your facilities specific needs. Tool storage that are available through LAB CRAFT COMPANY. We can design a custom made cabinet that is perfect for your industrial facilities. 


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